SUV Air Mattress Automatic Car Inflatable Mattress Thickened Car Air Bed

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  • Self-inflatable Vehicle Air Mattress - Unlike other car inflatable mattress, our SUV car automatic air mattress is made of high-density sponges. Because of the high elasticity of the sponge core, the car truck mattress bed will inhale and expand by itself, so as to achieve the effect of automatic inflation. We simply inflate the pillow by hand (we provide a hand pump), simplifying installation. The unique self-inflating air cushion provides you with a quality sleep on every trip.
  • High Quality Material - Our car automatic air mattress for camping is made of a new fabric called polyester pongee, which is inherently stronger, tougher and denser than common air mattress. This high-quality fabric makes the air cushion bed more breathable, softer, smoother and more waterproof. Our Inflatable Mattress Thickened Car Air Bed with the good quality material, our car camping mattress suv ’s wear resistant and easy to clean just using a damp cloth.
  • Utility Design & Save Money - Our suv air mattress camping bed is designed with honeycomb structure to provide comfort. The portable suv mattress has double valves help prevent air leaks, double built-in pillows (not self-inflatable) provide support. Instead of paying for a hotel each night, you can sleep comfortably in the back of the car with this car bed camping mattress.
  • Easy to Store & Lightweight -The car sleeping mattress is easy to deflate and roll back up. It is lightweight and can be folded neatly into its storage bag, which makes air mattress camping so compact and convenient to bring to a car camping or even a backpacking trip. The first rebound will be slightly slower. Our travel mattress inflatable is recommended to open it for a while or put it in the sun for a while, the rebound speed will be faster.
  • Multi-functional Car Back Seat Sleeping Pad -The Car Portable Self Inflating Sleeping Pad’ a sagacious choice to set your children playing or sleeping in the trunk on a portable mat during a road trip. Due to the damp-proof course, you can also use the inflatable bed as sleeping mattress camping in an outdoor tent or take a nap on the mat. This car sleeping pad for camping is specially designed for the back seat of most suv, minivan and trucks.
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