Bakhory Oud Sticks with Incense Stick - 275pc

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  • Bakhory oud incense sticks: High-quality natural incense sticks made with carefully selected Cambodia agarwood and Pure natural sticky powder. After the exhibition, the fragrance is sweet, soft, and moisturized. We don’t add any fragrance like floral, fruity, citrus, or vanilla.
  • Production method: Bakhory oud sticks has 88% agarwood and 12% pure natural sticky powder made from mountain spring water. Following the natural changes of the world, there are many fats, high density, and high value. Bakhory oud Incense environmentally responsible production methods to give you the best incense sticks.
  • Usage: Incense sticks - Perfect for Everyday use, Mosque, Wedding Events, Aromatherapy, Spa, Reiki, Meditation, Healing, Yoga, Sensual Therapy, Positivity, Relaxation, etc. Our oud incenses give you a feeling of compassion, well-being, inner peace, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality, and embodiment of oneself to raise your vibrations. Also, be given as a gift to your family and friends.
  • Lasting: Includes a total of 275pcs 16-centimeter incense sticks, and each stick can burn for 30 minutes (in an indoor environment), enough for you to complete meditation or yoga. Traditional craft, manual rolling, longer service life.
  • Quality: Bakhory is a specialized brand in Cambodian Oud Bakhoor Incense and fragrances internationally recognized for exceptional quality of Oud Incense. Bakhory products with its finest Cambodian fragrances presented in spectacular packaging has made popular choices by customers in the UAE.
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